About  us

Who we are

Hi, nice to have you here!
I'm Francesco and I'm the founder of The Stargazing Company.

But this agency it's not just me. Behind the scenes, there's an amazing group of collaborators, beautiful people that happened to be experts in their fields too.
Together, we form a team that helps each other to give the best of themselves, not only at work but also personally.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

We believe that business is essential, but for us the people and values within our company are even more important.
It's about finding a balance between creating profit and sustainable growth while still living life with authenticity and meaning.

We are humans

We are all human, and as such it is important for us to care about those around us. We stand up for what's right and make sure everyone feels included in our community.

Change is good

We are constantly driven to learn new things and we think that learning in different contexts means growth. We embrace change, because it is through the mixing of ideas that innovation happens.

Together stronger

Our individual efforts are linked together which means everyone has to work in collaboration with each other for us to be successful. Always with a nice and positive behaviour.

Sharing is caring

We believe that sharing knowledge and skills is more than just a part of our mission. In fact, it's actually embedded in the way we work. We realize this attitude contributes to an efficient ecosystem where everyone thrives together!

We are one

We believe in long-term bonds with a direct and sincere relationship, we become a single team where your goal is our goal.
We translate our knowledge of the market with our digital skills to advise you on what is right for you and your company.

Paths for success

Our innovative approach to business, research and analytics drives us to find new paths for success.
We use data-driven methods that combine creative thinking with your needs in order achieve what you want done right now.

We are a remote working company

We are based in Australia, precisely in Melbourne but we work with companies all over the world.
We believe that our lives shouldn't be confined by 4 walls and a 9-5 job. We're breaking those constraints in order to have the best collaborators and create something amazing together with you!